I Live Here: Landon Tuff

Name & Age: Landon Tuff / 31

Hometown: Aberdeen, SD (Geographically misplaced at birth)

Current Neighborhood: Johnson Creek

How do you pay the rent and what is your slash? I’m a full-time student using the GI Bill and my wife, Erica covers the rest. Graphic Design/Computer Geek

What do you create? I love to design projects for class and customize my car. In my spare time I like to build home computer server setups.

How did you land in Portland? Drove here in 2009 after surviving yet another bitterly cold Midwestern winter. I seriously hate negative temperatures!

What is the last book you read? 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read by Jesse Ventura

Name your favorite tattoo. The one I haven’t designed yet.

What was the last thing you ate at a food cart? An Epic Burger at Cascade Burger on 82nd. Homemade style 1” thick patty, yum!

Oregonian, Willamette Week, or Mercury? The Mercury of course. It is fun to read and follows Portland’s most interesting subcultures.

What is your favorite bridge and why? The Ross Island because people at rush hour are so courteous. (I’m not being facetious)

Stumptown Coffee or _________? Great American Video because it is inexpensive good coffee ($2 for 16 oz) served by the very friendly, Missy. She makes me smile before the coffee hits my system. Stumptown makes awesome coffee but has priced themselves out of my budget.

Coast or Mountains? Mountains! While I think our coast is one of the most beautiful in the country, I am strangely drawn to the beauty of the mountain and the scenic view from above.

Only in Portland moment? Too many to count, but the most recent was a man with dreads wearing a sundress walking down Hawthorn.

A favorite local business? Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant just off 82nd Avenue and King Rd. They have excellent food at good prices without any lines. It feels like it is my own private restaurant where I am a VIP every time I go.

Are you a car person or a bike person? Car, Trimet then bike. I used to ride bike a lot but to get to just about anything from where I live is definitely a car trip or Trimet occasion. Someday I will live a bit further in and be able to bike to most places.

If you could change one thing about Portland, what would it be? I’d like a midwestern fast food favorite of mine, Taco John’s. Their meat and potato burritos got me through high school. I haven’t found anything here that can fill that void, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

And finally, where can we find you on the web? I can be found at landontuff.wordpress.com


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