I Live Here: Erin Rose Gardner

Name & Age: Erin Rose Gardner, 29
Hometown: Brookings, Oregon (Last town on the Southern Oregon Coast)
Current Neighborhood: Technically Boise, but Mississippi

How do you pay the rent and what is your slash? I hate to say this living in Portland, but I make jewelry / I am a jeweler…. and that is how I pay my rent. I have a studio in Chinatown where I collaborate for The Opulent Project. We blur the lines between craft/art/concept and jewelry.

What do you create? Things that are metal, things that are plastic, things in the computer, things on my phone… garden, house plants, meals, cocktails, laughs and smiles.

How did you land in Portland? I am from Oregon and went to college in Eugene then followed the crowd (and my business partner) here in 2007!

What is the last book you read? I have a problem finishing books (or starting them), but the last one I finished was probably a year ago: On Ideology by Louis Althusser

Name your favorite tattoo. My boyfriend’s Transformers tattoo with the year 84 and a rainbow in bright colors across his chest. When I met him this was my indicator that he was completely nuts and that we would probably get along.

What was the last thing you ate at a food cart? Give Pizza a Chance

Oregonian, Willamette Week, or Mercury? Not really any

What is your favorite bridge and why? Fremont is my favorite one to look at because it drastically shifts depending on your view point – from the north, underside it looks like a confusing mess of knots with all the on and off ramps… and I really love that ramp that connects to nothing, like maybe something was planned, construction started and then it was abandoned halfway?

Stumptown Coffee or _________? yes, please

Coast or Mountains? Coast… my mom is a mermaid.

Only in Portland moment? Watching a movie at Laurelhurst and hearing a lot of noise outside…. then leaving the theater and realizing that it was the naked bike ride! So we grabbed another beer and cheers to that.

A favorite local business? Hand-Eye Supply… I like that they are not just a store, but are creating community design/craft/making/thinking. They support an interesting lecture series and have had all kinds of makers speak and connect…check it out: The Curiosity Club.

Are you a car person or a bike person? Car more than bike… and I’ll bus and carpool.

If you could change one thing about Portland, what would it be? I don’t really have the answer, but maybe something for mental health… maybe a big sister / little sister type program with hipsters and homeless? Just kidding.

And finally, where can we find you on the web? erinrosegardner.com

Photos by Kim Oahn Nguyen

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