I Live Here: Steven Cheadle

I Live Here: Stephen Cheadle

Name & Age: Robert Steven Cheadle

Hometown: Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Current Neighborhood: Goose Hollow

How do you pay the rent and what is your slash? IT Admin for local design company Ziba/Powerlifter/Color coder.

What do you create? Order, mostly. My job is to organize some things and make other things comply.

How did you land in Portland? College – I went to Reed as an exchange student and never left. Well, I left, but I came back, 8 years so far.

What is the last book you read? The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen.

Name your favorite tattoo. Full right sleeve courtesy of locals Atlas Tattoo.

What was the last thing you ate at a food cart? Koi Fusion burrito.

Oregonian, Willamette Week, or Mercury? Mercury, then Willy Week.

What is your favorite bridge and why? Steel. More elegant than Hawthorne, more versatile, and still the super handsome industrial raising bridge design. Death Star handsome.

Stumptown Coffee or _________? Local coffee houses do it better, even Stumptown’s own roasts: Check out Coffeehouse Northwest and many others.

Coast or Mountains? Coast. The sea opens up my soul.

Only in Portland moment? Naked bike riders coming down Burnside, and then coming, and more, for all of like 8 minutes. Must have been hundreds.

A favorite local business? East Burnside’s Rock ‘n Rose. Vintage clothing, but none of the crinkly edge of your closet feel. Steam cleaned, and excellent service!

Are you a car person or a bike person? Car for necessities – gym further out; bike for leisure, but haven’t had much time for that recently. Mostly biped!

If you could change one thing about Portland, what would it be? Calm down, Portland. No need to be eternally awkward – you are much more lovable when you relax.

And finally, where can we find you on the web?




I Live Here: Stephen Cheadle

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